Amy Smallwood
Redding, CA

Overseas PhD program

I’ve been contemplating a PhD program for almost 15 years, and have finally identified a research project that gets me really excited and a program that will support me in this project. For my thesis (dissertation), I will be studying philosophical foundations of human/nature connections, with the hope of creating a new framework for how we approach our relationship to the natural world. 
The program I’ve applied to (University of Cumbria) is in the UK, and it is a relatively new PhD program. As such, it’s not on the Department of Education’s list of international universities approved for education loans. This means that I am unable to apply for any kind of education loan—government or private. 
I am not looking for handouts or for people to pay for my education. I am looking for loans that I plan to repay. I have excellent credit (805 most recently) and am currently debt free. I am willing to pay with interest if someone is willing to invest in this educational experience. My tuition, when all is said and done, will add up to approximately $40,000. 
Thanks for considering!
Goal: $40,000.00
Raised: $0.00